A naturally delicious chicken

Grain-fed chicken

Healthy food = healthy chicken

Grain-fed Voltigeurs Farm chickens are raised on all-vegetable feed with no animal by-products…right up to the vitamins they are given.

The result is tasty, more flavourful and nutritionally superior chicken with less fat than regular chicken. The few extra cents per kilo are worth the pay-off in taste, meat quality (no shrinkage during cooking) and health benefits for you and your family.

How to find vegetable grain-fed or organic chicken

Verified AGROCOMTo make sure you're actually buying vegetable grain-fed or organic chicken, look for packaging that says "vegetable grain-fed with no animal by-products " or "organic ". The mention must be certified by a third party recognized by industry.

Voltigeurs Farm vegetable grain-fed chicken is certified by Agrocom, and its organic chicken by Ecocert.

Agrocom certifies that Voltigeurs Farm chicken was raised on an all-vegetable feed with no animal by-products. Ecocert certifies that Voltigeurs Farm organic chicken meets all organic production standards.

Find out why Voltigeurs Farm vegetable grain-fed chicken and organic chicken are so delicious.


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