A naturally delicious chicken

Fresh packaging

Lasting freshness

Today's families often have to juggle busy schedules that can change at a moment's notice. For example, you decide on our boneless chicken breasts for supper. You buy them, and once home, discover that your partner has cooked spaghetti topped with our delicious sauce. No problem!

The vacuum packaging we use for breasts, legs and other cuts gives our products their unique freshness. The chicken you just bought can wait in your fridge, retaining its freshness and good taste much longer than conventional packaging would allow.

Voltigeurs Farm vegetable grain-fed chicken and organic chickenare top-quality products that deserve top-quality packaging.

Available in our  three Drummondville sales outlets and many butcher shops and delicatessens throughout Quebec. Discover this additional element that makes our organic and vegetable grain-fed chicken so ... naturally delicious!


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