A naturally delicious chicken

Like most companies, Voltigeurs Farm had humble beginnings. Our story began in 1958 with Denise Turcotte-Martel.

While our history includes several milestones, 2011 stands out for the creation of our brand-new interactive website featuring Aunt Denise's microsite.

Welcome to Voltigeurs Farm!

A new look
What's new?

"Change" and "innovation" have been the watchwords at Voltigeurs Farm for some time now, witness our new website and our delicious new products that have recently hit store shelves.

New colours, fancier labels BUT same quality, same freshness and—most of all—same
great taste.

Voltigeurs Farm chicken:
naturally delicious!


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Tante Denise
1001 tasty ways to serve Voltigeurs Farm foods
Feature Recipe
Pilons de poulet, sauce à côtes levées