A naturally delicious chicken

Farm’s history

Voltigeurs Farm: Focusing on the future

In 1958, Denise Turcotte set up a stall to sell farm products, including chicken from different producers. When she married Georges Martel, who became an integral part of the small business, a slaughterhouse was added. Business grew, prompting the couple to transfer their slaughterhouse to the new family home.

In 1966, the farm's first hen house was built—chickens used to come from other producers. Three years later, the company's focus was on chicken breeding/slaughter and fresh produce farming. A year later, it formally became Voltigeurs Farm. A second slaughterhouse was added in 1974 and, in 1979, the company was licensed to sell its chickens throughout Quebec, in keeping with HACCP slaughter standards.

Aiming higher and diversifying

Foregoing fresh produce in favour of grain corn, Voltigeurs Farm adopted a rigorous process to define each step involved in producing vegetable grain-fed chicken with no animal by-products. The great taste and nutritious qualities of its chicken soon made Voltigeurs Farm a popular choice among food-lovers and health-conscious consumers throughout Quebec and Ontario.

TeamThe company decided to diversify, setting up a kitchen to turn its chicken into a variety of delicious products. Pâtés, spaghetti sauce, BBQ chicken wings and creton are just some of the many products prepared daily and sold at the Public Market and first Voltigeurs Farm store on company land as of 2005. Building on the success of our delicious meals, management built another store on Foucault Boulevard, beside the IGA supermarket, and expanded its kitchen facilities in 2010 so employees could come up with other tasty ways to offer Voltigeurs Farm chicken in their three Drummondville sales outlets.

With 2012 approaching, to pursue Denise and George’s dreams, their children (Dominique, Nathalie, Bernard and Georges Jr.) gave Voltigeurs Farm new momentum and charted a new course for the future.


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